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About This Item


Full Description

This document specifies the minimum requirements for the material, design construction and workmanship, manufacturing processes, examination and testing at time of manufacture of an assembly of permanently mounted composite tube(s) in a frame with associated components.

Tubes covered by the requirements of this document are:

a) of composite construction, permanently mounted in a transport frame and suitable for specified service conditions, designated as:
1) Type 3 — a fully wrapped tube with a seamless metallic liner and composite reinforcement on both the cylindrical part and the dome ends; or
2) Type 4 — a fully wrapped tube with a non-load sharing liner and composite reinforcement on both the cylindrical part and the dome ends.

b) with water capacities from 450 l up to and including 10 000 l;

c) containing compressed gases but excluding:
1) liquefied gases,
2) dissolved gases, and
3) gases and gas mixtures which are classified for transport as toxic or oxidizing;

d) with working pressure up to 1 000 bar.

This document does not address tubes with working pressure times water capacity (p × V) more than 3 000 000 bar·l.

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All current amendments available at time of purchase are included with the purchase of this document.