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BS PD ISO/IEC TR 22560:2017 describes the concepts, issues, objectives, and requirements for the design of an active air-flow control (AFC) system for commercial aircraft based on a dense deployment of wired/wireless sensor and actuator networks. The objective of this AFC system is to track gradients of pressure across the surface of the fuselage of aircraft. This collected information will be used to activate a set of actuators that will attempt to reduce the skin drag effect produced by the separation between laminar and turbulent flows. This will be translated into increased lift-off forces, higher vehicle speeds, longer ranges, and reduced fuel consumption. The document focuses on the architecture design, module definition, statement of objectives, scalability analysis, system-level simulation, as well as networking and implementation issues using standardized interfaces and service-oriented middleware architectures. This document aims to serve as guideline on how to design wireless sensor and actuator networks compliant with ISO/IEC 29182.

Cross References:
ISO/IEC 29182-5:2013
ISO/IEC 29182-3:2014
ISO/IEC 29182-2:2013
ISO/IEC 29182-4:2013
ITU Preliminary Document 5B/167-E
ARINC Specification 664P7-1

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