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About This Item


Full Description

Scope: This document specifies the safety requirements of a two-hand control device (THCD) and the dependency of the output signal from the actuation by hand of the control actuating devices.

This document describes the main characteristics of THCDs for the achievement of safety and sets out combinations of functional characteristics for three types. It does not apply to devices intended to be used as enabling devices, as hold-to-run devices or as special control devices.

This document does not specify with which machines THCDs shall be used. It also does not specify which types of two-hand-control device shall be used for a specific application. Moreover, while guidance is given, it does not specify the required distance between the THCD and the danger zone (see 8.8).

This document provides requirements for design and guidance on the selection (based on a risk assessment) of THCDs including the prevention of defeat, the avoidance of faults and verification of compliance.

NOTE 1 A THCD only offers protection for the person using it.

NOTE 2 For specific machines, the suitability of a two-hand control as a suitable protective device can be defined in a type-C standard. If such a standard does not exist or is not appropriate, the risk assessment and determination of suitable protective measures is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the machine.

This document applies to all THCDs, independent of the energy used, including:
-- THCDs which are fully assembled for installation;
-- THCDs which are assembled by the machine manufacturer or integrator.

This document is not applicable to THCDs manufactured before the date of its publication.

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All current amendments available at time of purchase are included with the purchase of this document.

Document History

  1. BS EN ISO 13851:2019


    Safety of machinery. Two-hand control devices. Principles for design and selection

    • Most Recent
  2. BS EN 574:1996+A1:2008

    Safety of machinery. Two-hand control devices. Functional aspects. Principles for design

    • Historical Version
  3. BS EN 574:1997

    Safety of machinery. Two-hand control devices. Functional aspects. Principles for design

    • Historical Version