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About This Item


Full Description

BS 7121-1:2016 gives recommendations for the safe use of cranes permanently or temporarily installed in a work environment. Subjects covered include safe systems of work, selection, erection and dismantling, maintenance, inspection, thorough examination, operation, and the planning and management of lifting operations.

This standard is not applicable to the use of cranes:
  • for bungee jumping or similar entertainment activities; or
  • as part of a fully automated storage or production system.
NOTE Annex A and Annex B give recommendations for the training of appointed persons, crane supervisors, crane operators and slinger-signallers. Annex C outlines the features of contract lifts and crane hires. Information on the effect of wind and down-rating of the in-service lifting capacity is given in Annex D. Additional recommendations for the operation of cranes on or adjacent to sites of exceptional hazards are given in Annex E. Additional information on radio communication for lifting operations is given in Annex F.

Cross References:
BS 5975:2008+A1:2011
BS 7121
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BS 7121-2-1:2012
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BS ISO 11660-2
ISO 4301
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ISO 12480-1
PD 5304

All current amendments available at time of purchase are included with the purchase of this document.

Document History

  1. BS 7121-1:2016


    Code of practice for safe use of cranes. General

    • Most Recent
  2. BS 7121-1:2006

    Code of practice for safe use of cranes. General

    • Historical Version
  3. BS 7121-1:1989

    Code of practice for safe use of cranes. General

    • Historical Version
  4. BS 5744:1979

    Code of practice for safe use of cranes (overhead/underhung travelling and goliath cranes, high pedestal and portal jib dockside cranes, manually-operated and light cranes, container handling cranes and rail-mounted low carriage cranes)

    • Historical Version
  5. BS CP 3010:1972

    Code of practice for safe use of cranes (mobile cranes, tower cranes and derrick cranes)

    • Historical Version