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About This Item


Full Description

Operations Can Make or Break Even the Best Data Center Design

Data centers come in all sizes and serve a variety of users, applications, and services. While the design of data centers can mitigate many risks to uptime, even the best design can be foiled by lax or inadequate care in operations.

Introducing BICSI 009-2019, the first open-consensus standard providing more than a framework for data center operation policies and practices. Developed by a global volunteer base, the material within reflects operational experience and lessons from a wide variety of data center owners, operators, designers, and consultants covering data centers from the small enterprise to the large hyperscale colocation data center and everything in-between.

Starting with the applicable operational material from BICSI 002-2019, BICSI 009 revised and expanded this content prior to developing additional content specific for data center owners, operators and managers.


As the foundation standard for data center operations, BICSI 009 features 10 chapters covering the following and more:
  • Governance

  • Standard operating procedures
    • ICT cut-overs, technology refresh and migration
    • Work orders
    • Work safety
    • Storage, staging, and related tasks
    • Equipment delivery and shipments
  • Security
    • Security plan
    • Physical, cyber & IT security
    • Material control and loss prevention
    • Computer room and critical facility areas special considerations
    • Event response
  • Maintenance
    • Management
    • Maintenance plans and contracts
    • Patrols and inspections
    • ITE moves, adds and changes
    • Power, cooling, and cabling systems
    • Building area and physical space maintenance
  • Emergency operating procedures
    • On-site and offsite events
    • Emergency response
    • Disaster recovery
  • Management
    • Operations management
    • Management tools (e.g., DCIM, BMS, AIM)
    • Service provider management
    • Change control and documentation