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Full Description

This standard specifies safety requirements for the design, construction, modification, operation and maintenance (including installation, dismantling and transport) of a general class of stationary machine tools that use a saw blade (tool) to cut off or change the shape of the workpiece. This standard also applies to ancillary devices integrated into the machine (e.g., part handling mechanisms, chip handling systems).

Excluded from the requirements of this standard are: woodworking/sawing machines; stonecutting sawing machines; food-processing sawing machines; abrasive-sawing machines; and portable by-hand sawing machines.

Document History

  1. B11 B11.10-2003 (R2015)


    Safety Requirements for Metal Sawing Machines

    • Most Recent
  2. ANSI B11.10-1990

    Metal Sawing Machines, Safety Requirements for Construction, Care, and Use of

    • Historical Version