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This standard covers open-channel, fabricated metal slide gates and open-channel, fabricated metal weir gates. This standard also covers manual slide lift mechanisms and standard gate appurtenances. Power driven actuators are specified in ANSI/AWWA C540, Standard for Power-Actuating Devices for Valves and Sluice Gates. Section 1 discusses scope, purpose and application. Sections 2 and 3 list references and definitions. Section 4 lists requirements including: data to be furnished by the manufacturer; materials, general design; fabrication and finish; and, installation of field testing. Section 5 details verification including inspection and general testing. Section 6 discusses delivery including marking, packaging and shipping and affidavit of compliance and certification of design.

Document History

  1. AWWA C513-05


    Open Channel, Fabricated Metal Slide Gates

    • Most Recent
  2. AWWA C513-97

    Open-Channel, Fabricated-Metal Slide Gates

    • Historical Version