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The AWS program for the certification of radiographic interpreters has been developed to define the minimum standards for a radiographic interpreter and to provide a means of recognition for those who demonstrate through examination that they have the necessary skill, knowledge, and experience in the field of radiographic interpretation of welds. AWS QC15:2008 describes the requirements and procedures for the certification of radiographic interpreters based on the qualification requirements of AWS B5.15:2003, Specification for the Qualification of Radiographic Interpreters. The certification of radiographic interpreters requires documentation of experience, satisfactory completion of an examination, and proof of visual acuity.

Document History

  1. AWS QC15: 2008-AMD1


    Specification for AWS Certification of Radiographic Interpreters, Includes Amendment 1

    • Most Recent
  2. AWS QC15:2008

    Specification for the Certification of Radiographic Interpreters

    • Historical Version