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This annually-updated, paper-bound publication contains all of AWPA's current Standards.

AWPA BOOK-2016 provides information on specific nonpressure treated composite wood products, without the use of trade names or manufacturer's names. Products listed in this standard are categorized using species or species mix, preservative type, adhesive type, manufacturing process and use class. All of these factors play an integral role in determining the performance of the finished product in specific applications. Users and specifiers of these products are urged to consult closely with the manufacturer of the treated composite to ensure it meets the criteria listed in AWPA Standard T1, Section J.

Document History

  1. 2023 AWPA Book of Standards

    2023 AWPA Book of Standards

    • Most Recent
  2. 2022 AWPA Book of Standards

    2022 AWPA Book of Standards

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  3. 2021 AWPA Book of Standards

    2021 AWPA Book of Standards

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  4. AWPA BOOK-2020

    2020 AWPA Book of Standards

    • Historical Version
  5. AWPA BOOK-2019

    Book of Standards, 2019 Edition

    • Historical Version
  6. AWPA BOOK-2017

    Book of Standards, 2017 Edition

    • Historical Version
  7. AWPA BOOK-2016


    Book of Standards, 2016 Edition

    • Historical Version
  8. AWPA BOOK-2015

    Book of Standards, 2015 Edition

    • Historical Version
  9. AWPA BOOK-2014

    Book of Standards, 2014 Edition

    • Historical Version
  10. AWPA BOOK-2013

    Book of Standards, 2013 Edition

    • Historical Version
  11. AWPA BOOK-2012

    Book of Standards, 2012 Edition

    • Historical Version
  12. AWPA BOOK-2011

    Book of Standards, 2011 Edition

    • Historical Version
  13. AWPA BOOK-2010

    Book of Standards, 2010 Edition

    • Historical Version
  14. AWPA BOOK-2009

    Book of Standards, 2009 Edition

    • Historical Version
  15. AWPA BOOK-2008

    Book of Standards, 2008 Edition

    • Historical Version