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Full Description

This annually-updated, paper-bound, 8-1/2" by 11", publication contains all of AWPA's Standards for Preservatives, Analysis Methods, Evaluation and Miscellaneous along with Standard Conversion Factors and Correction Tables, Metric Equivalents Table and an Index. Also included are AWPA's Technical Committee Regulations.

The American Wood-Preservers' Association Book of Standards is intended for use by the wood preserving industry as well as for guidance of the purchaser in specifying and obtaining adequately treated wood products. The purpose of these Standards is to ensure that wood products are treated with suitable preservatives for reasons of safety, service and savings resulting from unnecessary expensive replacements.


Document History

  1. AWPA BOOK-2020

    2020 AWPA Book of Standards

    • Most Recent
  2. AWPA BOOK-2019

    Book of Standards, 2019 Edition

    • Historical Version
  3. AWPA BOOK-2017

    Book of Standards, 2017 Edition

    • Historical Version
  4. AWPA BOOK-2016

    Book of Standards, 2016 Edition

    • Historical Version
  5. AWPA BOOK-2015

    Book of Standards, 2015 Edition

    • Historical Version
  6. AWPA BOOK-2014

    Book of Standards, 2014 Edition

    • Historical Version
  7. AWPA BOOK-2013

    Book of Standards, 2013 Edition

    • Historical Version
  8. AWPA BOOK-2012


    Book of Standards, 2012 Edition

    • Historical Version
  9. AWPA BOOK-2011

    Book of Standards, 2011 Edition

    • Historical Version
  10. AWPA BOOK-2010

    Book of Standards, 2010 Edition

    • Historical Version
  11. AWPA BOOK-2009

    Book of Standards, 2009 Edition

    • Historical Version
  12. AWPA BOOK-2008

    Book of Standards, 2008 Edition

    • Historical Version