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This report provides a snapshot of the issues addressed by the NRSC over the last two years (2017-2018). As you will see, the efforts of the NRSC, guided by input from member company subject matter experts as well as the FCC, are primarily directed toward ensuring that meaningful data is being collected and analyzed to better understand the cause and mitigation of outages. Ultimately, the NRSC utilizes this information to develop industry guidance that directly impacts and improves the nation's networks. These efforts build upon previous NRSC work and form a strong foundation for ensuring that communication networks continue to be reliable and resilient. This foundation is especially useful in light of ongoing momentous changes to the communications network, including the significant growth of wireless networks and the evolution to an all-IP network. The nation depends on these networks to provide emergency communications, enable commerce, and support individual communications. As these changes to the network occur, the NRSC remains committed to, and will continue working toward, maintaining network reliability and resiliency.