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The thermal performance of two mobile homes was measured in order to compare the performance of the batt and blown insulation systems in their attic spaces. The homes were essentially identical, except for the different types of insulation. The results suggested a 10 percent to 15 percent improvement in the performance of the blown ceiling-insulation system when compared with the bait system of equivalent R-value according to commercial specifications.

The field testing included the measurement of various surface temperatures in the envelopes as well as the inside steady-state temperatures reached with the same electrical space heating in both homes. In addition, infiltration rates were measured in order to perform an energy balance for the homes. The testing was conducted in nonheated warehouses. Thermal scan observations, partly reported here, showed no hot spots or significant nonuniformities of the roof temperatures. Tyke testing was done during two different periods, before and after a 211-mile (340 km) transport of the homes. No degradation of performance due to shake-down resulting from their transportation could be discerned.