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About This Item


Full Description

1.1 This guide provides assistance in the choice of computing hardware resources for ship and marine environments and describes:

1.1.1 The core characteristics of interoperable systems that can be incorporated into accepted concepts such as the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model;

1.1.2 Process-based models, such as the Technical Reference Model (TRM), that rely on interoperable computing hardware resources to provide the connection between the operator, network, application, and information; and,

1.1.3 The integrated architecture that can be used to meet minimum information processing requirements for ship and marine environments.

1.2 The use of models such as OSI and TRM provide a structured method for design and implementation of practical shipboard information processing systems and provides planners and architects with a roadmap that can be easily understood and conveyed to implementers. The use of such models permit functional capabilities to be embodied within concrete systems and equipment.

1.3 The information provided in this guide is understood to represent a set of concepts and technologies that have, over time, evolved into accepted standards that are proven in various functional applications. However, the one universal notion that still remains from the earliest days of information processing is that technological change is inevitable. Accordingly, the user of this guide must understand that such progress may rapidly invalidate or supersede the information contained herein. Nonetheless, the concept of implementing ship and marine computing systems based on these functional principles allows for logical and rational development and provides a sound process for eventual upgrade and improvement.


Document History

  1. ASTM F2218-02(2015)


    Standard Guide for Hardware Implementation for Computerized Systems

    • Most Recent
  2. ASTM F2218-02(2008)

    Standard Guide for Hardware Implementation for Computerized Systems

    • Historical Version
  3. ASTM F2218-02

    Standard Guide for Hardware Implementation for Computerized Systems

    • Historical Version