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About This Item


Full Description

1.1 This specification specifies dimensions and gaging requirements for cones and sockets intended for connecting anesthetic and respiratory care equipment including, but not limited to, breathing systems (resuscitators, ventilators, and anesthesia gas machines), anesthetic gas scavenging systems, and vaporizers. This specification gives requirements for the following cones and sockets:

1.1.1 15- and 22-mm sizes intended for general use in breathing systems;

1.1.2 22-mm size latching connectors (including performance requirements) intended for general use in breathing systems ;

1.1.3 23-mm size intended for use with vaporizers intended for use outside the breathing system; and

1.1.4 30-mm size intended for the connection of a breathing system to an anesthetic gas scavenging system.

1.2 It is expected that standards for particular medical devices will provide details on the application and implementation of these conical connectors.


Document History

  1. ASTM F1054-01


    Standard Specification for Conical Fittings (Withdrawn 2005)

    • Most Recent
  2. ASTM F1054-87(1994)

    Standard Specification for Conical Fittings

    • Historical Version