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Full Description

1.1 This specification covers the format and content of digitally recorded voice data files and their identifying data. The object is to enable transfer between independent digital dictation systems and workstations, regardless of manufacturer and protocols for ensuring reliability. This specification does not cover the transmission of voice data files and their identifying data within digital dictation systems and workstations or their transcription into text files.

1.2 This specification may be applied to either the transmission of data over medium- to high-speed data communication networks or to the transmission of data by recording on, and later playing back from, magnetic or optical digital storage media. It defines the blocked stream of data, called a message, which is transmitted over a network connection or recorded on a storage medium. It does not define the hardware or software network protocols or storage media formats needed for message transmission (for example, see ISO 8072-1986) or the formats used to store data internally by the sender or receiver.

1.3 Since some standardization in storage media format and network protocols would help to promote the exchange of data between computer systems with diverse hardware and software, it is suggested that readily available universal media and formats be used for data exchange when possible.

1.4 Any considerations regarding the security of the digital dictation file or its components as defined herein are outside the scope of this specification. Such measures as encryption of files (either at rest or in transit), authentication of users or originators, assignment and control of file access permissions, and backup or recovery of files which may be necessary to meet institutional policies or governmental regulations are not addressed in this specification. Guidance for security of dictated health records can be found in Guide E 1902.