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Full Description

This standard provides guidance to management for achieving sustained success of any organization in a complex, demanding, and ever changing, environment.

The sustained success of an organization is demonstrated by its ability to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and other interested parties, over the long term and in a balanced way. This can be achieved through awareness of the organization's environment, the effective management of opportunities and risks, learning from experience, and through the application of improvement and innovation.

This international standard provides a wider focus on quality management than ISO 9001; it addresses the needs and expectations of all interested parties and their satisfaction, by the systematic and continual improvement of the organization's performance.

Document History

  1. ASQ/ISO Q9004-2009


    Quality management systems - Managing for the sustained success of an organization

    • Most Recent
  2. ASQ Q9004-2000

    ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9004:2000 - Quality Management Systems : Guidelines for Performance Requirements

    • Historical Version
  3. ASQ Q9004-1-1994

    ANSI/ISO/ASQ Standard - Quality Management and Quality Systems Elements - Guidelines

    • Historical Version