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The authoritative reference for magnetic particle testing.

* 100+ pages applicable also to magnetic flux leakage testing.Contains all current information from the previous edition on magnetic particle testing.
* A collaborative effort of 66 magnetic testing experts.
* Editorial emphasis on practicality with information useful to Level II and Level III inspectors.
* Applications including metals,welding, chemical, petroleum, and electric power.
* Dozens of photographs illustrating anomalies.
* New information on documentation with reference standards and digital photography.
* Metric units included throughout.
* Edited with an eye to safety and environmental regulations.
* Updated references provided for published standards.

This volume is a must-have for Level II and III MT inspectors and quality personnel - those who evaluate or specify magnetic particle or flux leakage testing. 422 pages, 478 illustrations, 241 equations, 56 tables. Extensive glossary and index.