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About This Item


Full Description

This Code applies to speed governors used on conventional, constant-speed hydraulic turbines. This Code is applicable to electronic-hydraulic and mechanical-hydraulic speed governors. These governors are commonly used to control reaction and impulse-type-hydraulic turbines (fixed or variable geometry) and pump turbines operating in generation mode.

This Code specifies procedures for conducting tests to determine the following performance characteristics of hydraulic turbine speed governors:

(a) droop:
(1) permanent,
(2) temporary;

(b) deadband and deadtime:
(1) speed,
(2) position,
(3) power;

(c) stability index:
(1) governing speedband,
(2) governing powerband;

(d) step response;

(e) gain:
(1) proportional gain,
(2) integral gain,
(3) derivative gain;

(f) setpoint adjustment:
(1) range of adjustment,
(2) ramp rate.

This Code also establishes the rules and procedures for the conduct of tests to determine the following operational characteristics of hydraulic turbine speed governors:
(a) gate/blade relationship (dual regulated reaction turbines),
(b) needle/deflector relationship (impulse turbines),
(c) full-rate servomotor timing and cushion time.