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Provides engineers with enhanced capability for recognizing and interpreting the various features of a fracture, enabling you to perform improved failure analyses and to better determine the relationship of the fracture mode to the microstructure.

The Atlas of Fractographs, which comprises the second half of the volume, contains over 1,300 fractographs that are invaluable for your understanding of the causes and mechanisms of the fracture of engineering materials. In addition to a comprehensive collection of fractographs of ferrous and nonferrous alloy parts and test specimens, supplemental illustrations of failed metal- matrix composites, resin-matrix composites, polymers, and electronic materials are included.

Sections include: History of Fractography, Modes of Fracture, Preparation and Preservation of Fracture Specimens, Photography of Fractured Parts and Fracture Surfaces, Visual Examination and Light Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Quantitative Fractography, Fractal Analysis of Fracture Surfaces, Atlas of Fractographs.