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The most comprehensive and authoritative single-volume reference on nonferrous metals and alloys. Provides detailed information on major alloy groups, with particular emphasis on aluminum, titanium, copper, and magnesium. New topics include recycling, superconductors, metal-matrix composites, and intermetallics.

1,00 illustrations and 1,200 tables. Sections include:
  • Specific Metals and Alloys,
  • Special Purpose-Alloys,
  • Superconducting Materials,
  • Pure Metals,
  • Recycling, and
  • Toxicity of Metals.
This is the second of two volumes in the ASM Handbook that present information on compositions, properties, selection, and application of metals and alloys. In Volume 1, irons, steels, and superalloys are described. In this volume, nonferrous alloys, superconducting materials, pure metals and materials developed for use in special applications are reviewed.