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You get detailed descriptions of specific machining and grinding processes, guidelines for proper selection of cutting tool materials and cutting fluids, and recommendations for improved productivity and efficiency during the machining of various materials. Twenty-one articles summarize the process capabilities, machines, cutting parameters plus variables, and applications of traditional machining processes such as turning, drilling, milling and the like. In the non-traditional category, you'll find 18 articles on mechanical, electrical, thermal, and chemical material removal procedures that have been developed. They yield improved workpiece quality and high production efficiency in the machining of hard, tough materials with unusual finishing requirements, as well as complex-shaped parts that require processing well beyond conventional methods.

Complete with 1,300 illustrations and 620 tables.

Sections include: Fundamentals of Machining Process, Cutting Tool Materials, Cutting Fluids, Traditional Machining Processes, Grinding/Honing/Lapping, Non-Traditional Machining Processes, High Productivity Machining, Machine Controls and Computer Applications in Machining, Machining of Specific Metals and Alloys.