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Full Description

Comprehensive Guidance on Sustainable Refrigerated Facilities

ASHRAE Guide for Sustainable Refrigerated Facilities and Refrigerated Systems is an in-depth resource for the sustainable design of refrigerated product facilities, covering the latest in refrigeration technology selection through the commissioning of refrigerated facilities. With guidance on topics such as logistics, product handling, facility layout and location, heat loads, and refrigeration system design, this is the most comprehensive resource on designing these specialized facilities.

This guide features more than 70 informational callout boxes and a detailed appendix with example design considerations. Throughout the text, real-world examples and pertinent equations are presented with insightful commentary and explanation. The book also includes access to practical online tools for estimating heat load, coefficient of performance (COP), and engine room energy use, as well as a refrigeration design scorecard.

Sustainability is not a fixed target, but depends upon the circumstances of the facility. This guide not only provides coverage of fundamentals for those new to refrigeration and refrigerated facilities, it also covers advanced concepts in design and controls for experienced professionals. Every member of the facility team—facility owners, designers, operation and maintenance professionals, product owners, and local community leaders—will find this information indispensable in sustainably designing, building, operating, and maintaining a refrigerated indoor environment.

Citation: ASHRAE Book