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About This Item


Full Description

Standard 164.2-2012 offers a method of test for capacities of residential self-contained humidifiers under a variety of conditions.

This method of test provides rules for the testing of self-contained system humidifiers for residential applications and was prepared in cooperation with the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute to utilize with ANSI/AHRI Standard 620-2004. The purpose of this standard is to provide a uniform method for testing in a laboratory environment. Although the method of test originated in ANSI/AHRI Standard 620-2004, the committee has developed this separate method of test to be used independently of the AHRI rating standard so manufacturers, specifiers, installers, and users of central system residential humidifiers can test a humidifier’s capacity under a variety of conditions with uniform results.

This standard establishes a method of test for the humidification rate and power input of residential self-contained humidifiers for whole-house applications that do not require other mechanical devices and are not connected to the central heating/ventilation system. This method of test describes the test apparatus, conduct of the test, and information to be recorded. Tests covered include methods for measuring energy input, water flow rate, water temperature, and water pressure to the test humidifier.

Keywords: humidifiers, residential, self-contained, humidification rate, humidification capacity, portable humidifier, whole-house


Document History

  1. ASHRAE 164.2-2012 (RA 2016)

    Standard 164.2-2012 (RA 2016) -- Method of Test for Residential Self-Contained Humidifiers (ANSI Approved)

    • Most Recent
  2. ASHRAE 164.2-2012


    Standard 164.2-2012 -- Method of Test for Residential Self-Contained Humidifiers (ANSI approved)

    • Historical Version