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Full Description

This standard describes a test method to determine an irrigation controller’s ability to respond to weather and conditions found within the typical landscape. Sometimes called “smart control systems” or “smart controllers,” these are controllers or devices that respond to environmental conditions by estimating or measuring depletion of available plant soil moisture in order to operate an irrigation system, replenishing water as needed while minimizing excess water use. A properly programmed smart controller requires initial site-specific set-up and will make irrigation schedule adjustments, including runtimes and/or required cycles throughout the irrigation season without human intervention. The standard will measure the ability of the controllers to provide adequate and efficient irrigation while minimizing potential losses.

It is recognized that controlling the irrigation of turf and landscape is a combination of scientific theory and subjective judgments. The attempt in developing this standard is to use only generally recognized theory and to avoid judgments involving the art of irrigation. The standard then recognizes that only the theory of irrigation is controllable by the skill of the controller manufacturer.


Document History

  1. ASAE/ASABE S627.1


    Weather-based Landscape Irrigation Control Systems

    • Most Recent
  2. ASAE/ASABE S627

    Weather-based Landscape Irrigation Control Systems

    • Historical Version