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This Standard describes procedures for obtaining the real and imaginary parts of the normalized acoustic impedance ratio of ground surfaces from in-situ measurements of the sound pressure levels at two vertically separated microphones using specified geometries and the averaged values of the difference between the simultaneous, instantaneous sound-pressure signals at the two microphones. It enables the user to either deduce parameters for a ground impedance model by fitting spectral data to templates or obtain values of the normalized specific acoustic impedance ratio of the ground entirely from measurements and independently of any model for the acoustic impedance of the ground surface except as a check on the validity of the resulting values.

Document History

  1. ASA S1.18-2018


    American National Standard Method for Determining the Acoustic Impedance of Ground Surfaces

    • Most Recent
  2. ASA S1.18-2010

    Template for Measuring Ground Impedance

    • Historical Version