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About This Item


Full Description

Sets out specifications for two grades of rectangular sleeper and one grade of round back sleeper, one grade of lead or crossing timber, and one grade of bridge transom, sawn or hewn from hardwoods indigenous to that part of Australia, including Tasmania, lying east of a line between Adelaide and Darwin. Each specification lists applicable timber species, and a general section gives the method of specifying, rules for measurements, and tolerances. Clauses dealing with branding, marking and inspection are also included.

Document History

  1. AS 3818.2-2010

    Timber - Heavy structural products - Visually graded, Part 2: Railway track timbers

    • Most Recent
  2. AS 3818.2-2004

    Timber - Heavy structural products - Visually graded - Railway track timbers

    • Historical Version
  3. AS 3818.2-1998

    Timber - Heavy structural products - Visually graded - Railway track timbers

    • Historical Version
  4. AS O97-1963


    Rail track sleepers, lead or crossing timbers and bridge transoms from Eastern Australian hardwoods

    • Historical Version
  5. INT 367-1953

    Rail track sleepers, crossing or lead timbers and bridge transoms

    • Historical Version
  6. AS O57-1949

    Grading rules for sleepers for 24-in. gauge railway track (sugar cane industry)

    • Historical Version
  7. AS O11-1948

    Grading rules for railway crossing timbers - Jarrah

    • Historical Version
  8. AS O10-1948

    Grading rules for railway sleepers - Jarrah, Karri and Wandoo

    • Historical Version
  9. AS O11-1938

    Jarrah crossing timbers

    • Historical Version
  10. AS O10-1938

    Jarah sleepers

    • Historical Version
  11. AS O7-1937

    Specifications for jarrah and karri together with notes on allowable working stresses

    • Historical Version