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This Standard applies to the Western Australian timber jarrah or karri for the end uses specified in the separate standard. It does not apply to material intended for re-sawing. General provisions are included for limits of accuracy, equivalent defects, seasoning allowance, moisture content, and dimensions. Grade description is given for the timber. Appendices give recommended permissible working stresses for jarrah and karri and methods of differentiating between jarrah and karri.

Document History

  1. AS 3818.5-2010

    Timber - Heavy structural products - Visually graded, Part 5: Mine lift guides

    • Most Recent
  2. AS 3818.5-2003

    Timber - Heavy structural products - Visually graded - Mine lift guides

    • Historical Version
  3. AS O22-1948


    Grading rule for mine guides

    • Historical Version
  4. AS O22-1938

    Jarrah mine guides

    • Historical Version
  5. AS O23-1938

    Karri mine guides

    • Historical Version
  6. AS O7-1937

    Specifications for jarrah and karri together with notes on allowable working stresses

    • Historical Version