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About This Item


Full Description

This specification applies to the supply, primarily on the basis of performance, of non-flammable, water-rinsable liquied remover for use in removing paint, varnish and lacquer systems prior to repainting. The remover is suitable for the removal of conventional paint, varnish and lacquer systems from metal, wood, asbestos cement, plaster, and similar surfaces. Certain types of coating such as some stoving, cold-cured or polymeric materials may not be readily acted on by the material covered by this specification; for removing such special coatings manufacturers should be asked to supply removers appropriate to the specific case but not necessarily conforming to this specification.

Document History

  1. AS K147-1964


    Paint, varnish and laquer remover, non-flammable, water-rinsable

    • Most Recent
  2. INT 37-1944

    Paint and Varnish Remover

    • Historical Version
  3. INT 38-1944

    Paint Remover, Special

    • Historical Version