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About This Item


Full Description

This document provides cargo measurement procedures for use primarily by inspectors and specifies procedures directed at minimizing cargo contamination and losses. In the absence of, or in conjunction with, specific instructions from principal(s), this document should be considered a summary of good practice used within the industry.

Where the term 'measurement' is used in a general sense, it should be taken to include all aspects of cargo inspection including (but not limited to) tank inspection, sampling, laboratory analysis and testing and other superintending activities, as required by the inspector's principals.

The points at which inspectors are required to make their measurements are described and definitions of the terms used throughout this document are provided in section 3. Where possible terms approved by API, EI and ISO/TC28 have been adopted.

The document also considers the purpose of a cargo survey and summarizes the responsibilities of those involved. These procedures may become contractual if reference to them is made in either a nomination or acknowledgement. Safety matters and related responsibilities are defined and emphasis is placed on the need for inspectors to be continually conscious that safety requirements take precedence over all other considerations.

The document describes the procedures which inspectors should follow and provides references to analytical test methods and calculations. Reference is made to alternative methods since it is recognized that opinions may vary regarding the use of test methods, and that different methods may be specified by the parties involved.

Document History

  1. API MPMS Chapter 17.12 / EI HM 51


    Procedures for Bulk Liquid Chemical Cargo Inspections, Second Edition

    • Most Recent
  2. API MPMS Chapter 17.12 / EI HM 51

    Procedure for Bulk Liquid Chemical Cargo Inspection by Cargo Inspectors, First Edition

    • Historical Version