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This interim bulletin presents hurricane-driven metocean conditions (wind, wave, current and surge) for use with and reference by other API standards. These conditions are intended to replace the conditions currently found in API RP 2A-WSD 21st Edition.

The hurricane metocean conditions presently contained in the 21st Edition of API RP 2A have not been updated since 1993. Since that time, several major severe storms, most notably Opal (1995), Ivan (2004) and Katrina (2005) have affected the Gulf, resulting in increases to local extremes in the areas affected by these storms. Most importantly, however, industry's understanding of hurricane risk has continued to evolve. A new set of hurricane conditions has been derived for reference by other API standards using the latest hindcast storm record and incorporating the industry's best understanding to date of the regional dependence of storm intensity. Conditions are presented for four regions: West, West Central, Central, and East.