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ANSI/MSE 50028-1:2019 specifies the additional requirements for the Superior Energy Performance 50001 Program (hereinafter, "SEP") utilizing the energy management system (hereinafter, "EnMS"). This American National Standard is used in conjunction with ISO 50001 Energy management systems - Requirements with guidance for use, and it can be aligned or integrated with other management systems. This American National Standard is applicable to any organization that wishes to ensure its conformity to the requirements of SEP and desires to demonstrate such conformance to others. This can be confirmed by certification to SEP by an ANAB accredited organization called an SEP verification body and certification to ISO 50001 requirements by an ANAB accredited ISO 50001 certification body or a ANAB accredited SEP verification body. Organizations certified to the SEP 2012 or SEP 2017 Programs must transition to SEP 2019.