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Full Description

ANS 54.1-2020 defines safety objectives; sodium fast reactor design criteria (SFRDCs); selection criteria for licensing-basis events; and criteria for the classification of structures, systems, and components (SSCs) that can be used by designers and regulators of SFR nuclear power plants. It is intended to provide the necessary guidance to the designer in order to "bridge" the existing light water reactor-focused general design criteria (GDCs) contained in Appendix A to 10 CFR 50 and other regulatory requirements to the development of their respective principal design criteria, while retaining the underlying safety principles of the GDCs.

Document History

  1. ANS 54.1-2020


    Nuclear Safety Criteria and Design Process for Sodium Fast Reactor Nuclear Power Plants

    • Most Recent
  2. ANS 54.1-1989 (W1999)

    General Safety Design Criteria for a Liquid Metal Reactor Nuclear Power Plant

    • Historical Version