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Full Description

ANS 2.10-2017 provides criteria for the timely retrieval and the subsequent processing, handling, and storage of data obtained from nuclear power plant and non-power nuclear facility strong-motion analog and digital seismic instrumentation. Nuclear power plant seismic instrumentation requirements are specified in ANSI/ANS-2.2-2016. Non-power nuclear facility seismic instrumentation, if required, is specified in facility-specific regulations, standards, and/or guidance documents.

This standard does not address the evaluation of nuclear power plant ground and structure motion and the criteria to determine whether earthquake ground motion at the site has exceeded the plant's operating basis earthquake (OBE) ground motion. These topics are addressed in ANSI/ANS-2.23-2016.

The principal function of the seismic instrumentation covered in this standard is to address issues that have a significant bearing on safety or mitigate the consequences of accidents that could result in potential off-site exposures. This standard does not address weak-motion instrumentation installed in some non-power nuclear facilities to measure small-magnitude ground accelerations or velocities.

Document History

  1. ANS 2.10-2017


    Criteria for Retrieval, Processing, Handling, and Storage of Records from Nuclear Facility Seismic Instrumentation

    • Most Recent
  2. ANS 2.10-2003

    Criteria for the Handling and Initial Evaluation of Records from Nuclear Power Plant Seismic Instrumentation

    • Historical Version
  3. ANS 2.10-1979

    Guidelines for Review, Processing and Evaluation of Records from Seismic Instrumentation

    • Historical Version