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In certain jurisdictions, fire suppression systems require a fire water storage (sometimes called auxiliary water storage) tank to supplement the normal source of water to the fire pumps. They are most prevalent in areas where a natural catastrophe such as earthquake may interrupt the normal supply. Off-peak cooling systems have numerous technologies, yet all require some form of storage tank or tanks. By combining the two systems such that they utilise a common storage reservoir, it is possible to save on first costs and help to motivate building owners to install off-peak cooling systems. Deals with the obstacles to and benefits of accomplishing such a project and the several years of work and testing required to satisfy all parties involved. Tests were carried out using an encapsulated ice storage system using an inhibited 18% concentration of potassium chloride additive for antifreeze protection.

KEYWORDS: off peak, cooling, fire fighting installations, multistorey buildings, buildings, offices, water tanks, water supply, costs, integrated design, economics, ice storage, sprinklers