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Full Description

The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform laboratory test methods for dampers. The characteristics to be determined include, as appropriate, air leakage, pressure drop, dynamic closure, and operational torque.

AMCA 500-D-18 may be used as a basis for testing dampers when air is used as the test gas.

A test conducted in accordance with the requirements of this standard is intended to demonstrate the performance of a damper and is not intended to determine acceptability level for a damper. It is not within the scope of this standard to indicate the actual sequence of testing.

The parties to a test for guarantee purposes may agree to exceptions to this standard in writing prior to the test. However, only a test that does not violate any mandatory requirement of this standard shall be designated as a test conducted in accordance with this standard.

Document History

  1. AMCA 500-D-18


    Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating

    • Most Recent
  2. AMCA 500-D-12

    Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating

    • Historical Version