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Full Description

The Chinese edition of this publication is a translation.

The purpose of AMCA 311-16 is to prescribe/establish definitions and specifications to be used in connection with the AMCA Certified Ratings Program for the sound performance of fans.


Products that can be licensed by AMCA International to bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Program seal for sound ratings are centrifugal fans, axial fans, power roof ventilators, air curtains, agricultural fans and other air moving devices within the product scope of AMCA.

The program applies only to complete air-moving devices that are already licensed to bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Program seal for air performance.

The program applies to fans within the scope of AMCA for which performance catalogs are published and made available to the public. It does not apply to special units for which performance ratings are not published. When performance ratings for both licensed and non-licensed products are contained in the same catalog, there must be a clear distinction made between licensed and non-licensed products, as required in AMCA Publication 11.

When one or more licensed products are used as component parts of a larger unit, the AMCA Certified Ratings Program seal for sound ratings may not be applied to the complete unit unless the unit itself has been licensed in accordance with this program.

Document History

  1. AMCA 311-16


    Certified Ratings Program Product Rating Manual for Fan Sound Performance

    • Most Recent
  2. AMCA 311-05

    Certified Sound Ratings Program for Air Moving Devices

    • Historical Version