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This standard is for accessories used on individual ladders only and prescribes rules for governing the safe design, construction, and testing of accessories used in conjunction with a portable wood, metal or reinforced plastic ladder. This standard is limited to those accessories specifically defined.

Devices which may or may not be an integral part of the ladder, and without which the portable ladder cannot function in its intended manner such as hinges and hinge brackets, rung or step braces, locks and lock brackets, spreaders and top caps are not included in this standard. Replacement parts of essentially the same design and construction as the component being replaced are not included in this standard unless they are a component of the accessory itself.

It is intended that all ladders employing accessories covered by this standard comply with the requirements of the most current applicable American National Standard Safety Requirements For Portable Wood, Metal or Reinforced Plastic, ANSI A14.1, A14.2, and A14.5 respectively.