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Full Description

ANSI/ASC A14.5-2017 prescribes rules governing the safe construction, design, testing, care and use of portable reinforced plastic ladders of various Types and styles. Ladder Types included are:

Working Load:
Duty RatingLadder Type(Pounds)
Special DutyIAA375
Extra Heavy-DutyIA300
Heavy- DutyI250

Ladder styles include ladder type step stools, portable extension, step, trestle, sectional, combination, single, platform, and articulating ladders, but excluding ladders in and on mines, the fire services, mobile equipment, hoisting equipment, work platforms, antenna communications towers, transmission towers, utility poles, and chimneys. It does not cover special-purpose ladders that do not meet the general requirements of this standard, nor does it cover ladder accessories, including, but not limited to, ladder levelers, ladder stabilizers or stand-off devices, ladder jacks, or ladder straps or hooks, that may be installed on or used in conjunction with ladders. Note: Ladder type step stools are covered by A14.5. It is recognized that a step stool standard is under development. When the step stool standard is approved, A14.5 will no longer cover ladder type step stools. These requirements are also intended to prescribe rules and criteria for labeling/marking of the kinds of portable ladders cited in this standard, but exclusive of furniture type step stools and special purpose ladders. These labeling/marking requirements do not apply to those situations where training, supervision, or documented safety procedures would be in conflict, or serve in lieu of, these labeling/marking requirements.

Document History

  1. ALI A14.5-2017


    American National Standard (ASC) for Ladders - Portable Reinforced Plastic - Safety Requirements

    • Most Recent
  2. ALI A14.5-2007

    American National Standard (ASC) for Ladders - Portable Reinforced Plastic - Safety Requirements

    • Historical Version