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Mass properties control is a critical aspect of space system development. This standard and International Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., RP A-3, Recommended Practice for Mass Properties Control for Space Systems, together define terminology and establish uniform processes, procedures, and systematic methods for the management, control, monitoring, determination, verification, and documentation of mass properties during the design and development phases of space systems, including modifications to operational systems. This standard and the recommended practice apply to space vehicles, upper stage vehicles, injection stages, payloads, reentry vehicles, launch vehicles, and ballistic vehicles. This standard is intended to convey minimum requirements applicable to space system development, while the recommended practice is intended to be used as a reference for the development of a program-specific, contractually required mass properties control plan.

Document History

  1. AIAA S-120A-2015(2019)


    Mass Properties Control for Space Systems

    • Most Recent
  2. AIAA S-120-2006

    Mass Properties Control for Space Systems

    • Historical Version