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About This Item


Full Description

This document contains guidance related to the safety of lithium-ion batteries used in space systems including but not limited to satellites, launch vehicles, interplanetary probes, rovers and landers.

All aspects of the battery acquisition cycles are addressed including design, testing, integration, handling at the launch site and mission use.

This document is intended for space systems only. Requirements for aircraft may be found in documents such as the RTCA DO311a: Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries and Battery Systems; and the RTCA DO227a: Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries.

Compliance with this guidance document ensures that the batteries and battery systems can be expected to reliably perform their intended function(s) safely under conditions encountered in space operations and environments. It is mandatory that battery, spacecraft equipment and spacecraft manufacturers, as well as users, thoroughly understand the guidance for performance, capabilities and limitations of the batteries and battery systems. By doing so, safe operation during all aspects of acquisition, transport, integration, operation, maintenance and disposal may be achieved. Any regulatory application of this document is the responsibility of the applicable government agency or user organization.