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Full Description

This standard applies to household electric coffee makers as defined in Section 3.

This standard does not apply to commercial coffee makers used in commercial kitchens, office buildings, etc.

This standard may be used to make measurements of the energy usage of the coffee maker portion of a multiple function product. This procedure may be used to measure the energy utilized by coffee makers that also have coffee bean grinders, toasters, egg cookers/warmers, or other functions for measurement of the coffee maker energy only.

This standard establishes uniform methods for measuring performance. This standard only includes recommended test criteria where necessary to enable tests to be carried out. In addition, recommended performance levels only appear where sufficient technical information is available to include such levels.

Document History

  1. AHAM CM-1-2012


    Performance Characteristics and Energy Consumption Measurement of Household Electric Coffee Makers

    • Most Recent
  2. AHAM CM-1-2007

    Household Electric Coffee Makers

    • Historical Version