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Full Description

This document specifies a method to evaluate the capability of a portable air cleaner to reduce the concentration of chemical gases in a specified chamber.

The test is applicable to portable air cleaners commonly used in single room spaces such as those based on mechanical filtration, ultraviolet (UV), ionizers, photocatalytic oxidation, and ozone generators in-unit technology.

This standard method includes definitions and performance characteristics of portable household electric room air cleaners of the types indicated.

This standard method measures the relative reduction by the air cleaner of the concentration of chemical gases suspended in the air in a specified test chamber in new condition.

In this standard, we do not suggest performance test methods to measure by-products of either the interaction between chemicals or between the air cleaner and the chemicals tested in this standard. The formation of by-products is an important subject. The subject of measuring by-products and chemicals is under study and AHAM will address this in future documents.