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Full Description

Smart Energy Software Service is a robust, state of the art, web-based energy analysis software and hourly thermal load simulation program. Smart Energy uses Department of Energy (DOE)'s Energy Plus engine as its power horse. Energy Plus is the most powerful, dynamically updated simulation engine in the world. However, it is very difficult to use and it has a very complex user interface. Smart Energy solves this problem by offering a web-based user interface to it. This interface makes it extremely simple to use Energy Plus engine. It gives you best of both - the power of the Energy Plus engine and simplicity of a web-based user interface. Smart Energy software also supports alternate cooling techniques. Smart Energy software is developed with the help of ISHRAE and supported by Action Data Systems LLC (Barrington, RI).

Smart Energy has been specifically designed to meet the needs of HVAC Engineers, Consultants, Architects, and Student groups. It calculates hourly loads and building energy simulation through a simplified tabbed graphical interface, resulting in simple and complex simulations. With it, the users can get results on time, anywhere, anytime without a need to install any software on their PCs. It is not sold on CDs. It provides you a login and a password with an ability to import data and export reports. You can use it anywhere in the world from your laptop.

​ This price is for one year's license.​

The use of saved "Templates" allows easy simulations of similar types of building. A number of US cities weather data is built into the software. The Smart Energy also incorporates several pre-defined default building types with typical construction, interior loads, operating schedules, and HVAC system configurations such that users can quickly develop an energy model of a building. 2-D CAD drawings of building floor plans can be uploaded, while the custom option allows the creation of zone drawings via an innovative flash interface.

Use Anywhere Anytime (100% web-based )
Accurate results from EnergyPlus engine
Results on time with pre-defined inputs
Building Zones entered using ready tools
Present results to customers with graphical reports
Add user-defined construction materials
Modify design day temperature
Weather files available for cities around the world

Alternate Cooling Technologies support:
1. Radiant Cooling: It refers to a temperature-controlled surface that cools indoor temperatures by removing sensible heat and heat transfer occurs through thermal radiation
2. Direct Evaporative Cooling: Outside air is blown through a water-saturated medium (usually cellulose) and cooled by evaporation. The cooled air is circulated by a blower. Direct evaporative cooling adds moisture to the air stream until the air stream is close to saturation.
3. Two Stage Evaporative Cooling: The primary air stream is cooled first with indirect evaporative cooling and then cooled further with direct evaporative cooling
4. Solar Vapour Absorption System: Solar cooling systems use the thermal energy of solar radiation captured through solar concentrators to power thermally driven cooling machines. 

Overall: Smart Energy software service is structured to make Energy Plus engine easy for load calculations with a minimal learning curve. For additional information, contact Snehal Shah at (508) 801-0856 /

Citation: Non-ASHRAE Software