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Although the advantages of using mixture refrigerants are well known, they have not often been used. One reason for this is the nonavailability of reliable and readily useable information on their thermodynamic and transport properties. Even the properties of the azeotropic mixture R501 (75 percent R22 and 25 percent Rl2 by weight) are not yet well established.

The purpose of this study is to compile and complement previous work on the R22/R12 system and to present in one place reasonably reliable predictive methods and tabulated values for determining the properties of mixtures of R22 and R12 Of any concentration.

This study is divided into two parts: Part I deals with thermodynamic properties and Part II with transport properties. Those thermodynamic properties are as follows:

  1. Equilibrium pressure and temperature
  2. Equilibrium liquid. and vapor ~hase compositions
  3. Density of saturated liquid
  4. Specific volume of saturated vapor
  5. Enthalpy of saturated liquid
  6. Enthalpy of saturated vapor
  7. Specific heat of liquid at saturation
  8. Specific.heat of vapor at saturation
  9. Entropy of saturated liquid
  10. Entropy of saturated vapor.

Part II deals with the transport properties for the same system. The following properties are investigated:

  1. Viscosity of liquid
  2. Viscosity of vapor
  3. ThermalĀ· conductivity of liquid
  4. Thermal conductivity of vapor
  5. Diffusion coefficient in liquid

Note: Paper AC-2343 was originally published as two papers. This PDF contains both papers, as Parts I and II.