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In a typical supermarket, open, multi-deck, mediumtemperature display cases could account for up to 50% of the total refrigerated display case line-ups (EPRI 1992). The major contributor to the total cooling load of this type of fixture is infiltration, which comprises approximately 70% to 80% of the total cooling load (Faramarzi 1999). The infiltration load of the display case refers to the entrainment of warm and moist air from the room, across the case air curtain, into the refrigerated space. This makes open multi-deck display cases vulnerable to indoor dry-bulb (DB) temperature and relative humidity (RH) variations. Installing glass doors on open vertical display cases can reduce the infiltration load, hence, the power consumption of the refrigeration system.

This paper presents the laboratory test results, which evaluated the performance and energy impact of installing conventional glass doors on an open five-deck refrigerated dairy/deli display case. Retrofitting the fixture with glass doors reduced the entrainment of warm and moist air from the room into the refrigerated space. This reduction caused the total cooling load of the case to decrease by 68%. Installing glass doors on the display case reduced the refrigerant mass flow rate by 71%, resulting in the reduction of compressor power demand by 87%.

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Citation: Symposium Papers, Atlantic City, 2002