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This AAMI Technical Information Report (TIR) provides information, guidance, and general recommendations regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of medical devices and the use of wireless technology in healthcare facilities to promote patient safety. It is intended to provide a broad range of information about EMC of medical devices for clinical and biomedical engineers and other technical personnel, healthcare administrators including heads of hospital departments, medical staff, and healthcare associations. The information herein will help healthcare organizations evaluate their electromagnetic environment and implement actions needed to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems and manage the EM environment including wireless RF sources. While this TIR focuses on healthcare facilities, the home environment is briefly addressed. Management of the electromagnetic environment and management of medical devices for EMC are discussed, as are: assessment of the electromagnetic environment; investigation and reporting of EMI problems; selected case studies in EMI problems; site selection, design, and construction of new facilities; a model EMC and wireless policy and guidance for developing EMC and wireless policies; and principles of electromagnetic energy and interference mechanisms. Definitions of terms and a bibliography are also provided.

Document History

  1. AAMI TIR18:2010


    Guidance on electromagnetic compatibility of medical devices in healthcare facilities

    • Most Recent
  2. AAMI TIR18:1997

    Guidance on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of Medical Devices for Clinical/Biomedical Engineers - Part 1: Radiated Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Energy

    • Historical Version