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This document provides guidance for the selection, use and interpretation of results of chemical indicators used in process definition, validation and routine monitoring and overall control of sterilization processes. AAMI/ISO 15882:2008 applies to indicators that show exposure to sterilization processes by means of physical and/or chemical change of substances, and which are used to monitor one or more of the variables required for a sterilization process. These chemical indicators are not dependent for their action on the presence or absence of a living organism.

Document History

  1. AAMI/ISO 15882:2008/(R)2013


    Sterilization of health care products - Chemical indicators - Guidance for selection, use and interpretation of results

    • Most Recent
  2. AAMI TIR 25

    Chemical Indicators - Guidance for the Selection, Use, and Interpretation of Results in Health Care Facilities

    • Historical Version