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About This Item


Full Description

Aluminum Standards and Data is the oldest, most popular and most comprehensive guide for producers and users of aluminum. Sold by the Aluminum Association, this 250+ page book was created to make aluminum standards more accessible and understandable for people in the aluminum industry and those sourcing or specifying.

Changes to the 2017 version, which supersedes the previous 2013 edition include:
  • Updated illustrations that are clearer, more precise and easier to understand
  • Clarified usage of non-bilateral tolerances
  • Additions to the color code list for aluminum mill products
  • Latest popular alloy additions
  • New and modified definitions
  • Latest ANSI H35.1, H35.2 and H35.4 updates
The book is divided into three parts distinguished by their page colors: blue, yellow and white

The blue section contains information on aluminum characteristics, alloy and temper designations, mill product specifications, nominal composition , typical mechanical and physical properties, density calculation procedure, comparative characteristics and application, fabrication/ heat treatments of wrought aluminum and wrought aluminum alloy products, and quality control guidelines for testing, inspection, and identification.

The yellow section lists the terminology associated with wrought aluminum products.

The white pages cover standard limits for chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties and dimensional tolerances for wrought aluminum mill products; designations for clad products and chemical composition limits for aluminum mill products.

Document History

  1. AA ASD-2017


    Aluminum Standards and Data, 2017 (Customary U.S. Units)

    • Most Recent
  2. AA ASD-2013

    Aluminum Standards and Data, 2013 (Customary U.S. Units)

    • Historical Version
  3. AA ASD-2009

    Aluminum Standards and Data, 2009 (Customary U.S. Units)

    • Historical Version