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The 2015 Aluminum Design Manual is essential for all professionals who work with aluminum in structural applications, this comprehensive, up-to-date resource includes:

Specification for Aluminum Structures: (US units) The 2015 Specification for Aluminum Structures is the first unified allowable strength design and load and resistance factor design aluminum Specification. It provides rules for determining the strength of aluminum structural components and minimum strengths for wrought, cast, and welded aluminum alloys and aluminum fasteners; Commentary: (US units) discusses the provisions in the Specification for Aluminum Structures and provides references;

Design Guide: ( US units) addresses structural design issues not included in the Specification for Aluminum Structures, including diaphragms, adhesive bonded joints, aluminum composite material, extrusion design, corrosion prevention, fire protection, sustainability, and design references for aluminum structural components in automobiles, bridges, rail cars, ships, pressure vessels, pipe, and storage tanks;

Material Properties: (US and SI units) includes alloy and temper designation systems for wrought and cast aluminum alloys; comparative characteristics of wrought alloys; foreign alloy designations correlated with US alloy designations; and typical mechanical and physical properties, including thermal expansion, electrical conductivity, and density ;

Section Properties: (US units) lists dimensions and section properties for aluminum channels, I-beams, angles, tees, zees, square and rectangular tube, round tube, pipe, and roofing and siding, as well as sheet metal and wire gauges;

Design Aids: (US units) provides buckling constants, allowable stress tables for various alloys, allowable load tables for channels and I-beams in bending, tread plate, roofing and siding; fastener strengths, minimum bend radii for aluminum sheet and plate, wire, and rod, design stresses for groove and fillet welds, and beam formulas;

Illustrative Design Examples: (US units) includes structural design calculation examples based on the Specification for Aluminum Structures.

Includes editorial changes - November, 2015

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