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Evaporative cooling is energy efficient, environmentallyfriendly, and cost effective in many applications and all climates.Applications range from comfort cooling in residential, agricultural,commercial, and institutional buildings, to industrial applications for spotcooling in mills, foundries, power plants, and other hot environments. Severaltypes of apparatus cool by evaporating water directly in the airstream,including (1) direct evaporative coolers, (2) spray-filled and wetted-surfaceair washers, (3) sprayed-coil units, and (4) humidifiers. Indirect evaporativecooling equipment combines the evaporative cooling effect in a secondary airstreamwith a heat exchanger to produce cooling without adding moisture to the primaryairstream.General ApplicationsIndirect Evaporative Cooling Systems for Comfort CoolingBooster RefrigerationResidential or Commercial CoolingExhaust RequiredTwo-Stage CoolingIndustrial ApplicationsOther ApplicationsControl Strategy to Optimize Energy RecoveryAir Cleaning and Sound AttenuationEconomic FactorsPsychrometricsEntering Air ConsiderationsNo. of Pages: 21

Citation: 2019 ASHRAE Handbook¿¿¿HVAC Applications